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This is going to be a pointless post. BUT whatever.
I havent talked to Mike in 4 days and then he texts me today.
I was being a bitch cause am I supposed to act?
I am perfectly fine without him. I like someone else and I
am just going to pay attention to that. Yummy. My dad just gave me
a pack of marlboro smooths. Ugh so good.

I love technooooo. Hahah Im such a polock.
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Michael comes back to me time number two!

Today I decided to text Michael. I know
his new number and it wasnt like anything that I wanted to talk to him,
it was because kim was being coo coo.
He was the only one who understood so I texted him...
And we started talking again. And he ended up coming over to get
his last hoodie from my house and borrow my sisters
ds or whatever so he can play a new game he got for his birthday.
And we started talking. About everything. You know.
Howve you been. What have you been up too. Shit like that.
We were laying on my bed and hes like can I have a hug?
Im like sure. So we hugged. And then hes like do you miss me.
I wasnt going to lie...I said I did. He asked me what I missed.
Im like...I miss everything. I miss you a lot. And hes like no. What
do you exactly miss about me. Took me a while, but I was like
I miss seeing you everyday and talking to you everyday and taking
naps and all that stuff...And he put his hands over his eyes and hes
like I miss you too...Then hes like come here I want to hold you.
So he held me in his arms. I tried so hard not to cry.
Hes like I miss you a lot. Then I asked him what does he miss about me.
Hes like I miss this...holding you. Everytime Kim talks about you
I hate it, I just wonder how youre doing. If youre upset. I hate to think
that youre upset. I miss talking to you everyday. Everything. And then he
kissed me.

I wish I rembered every little thing he said.

I dont remember what he said but it was so I DONT EVEN KNOW it made me cry.
He told me he was so sorry because when Nat broke up with him, I kept him together.
And he told me to never let him walk all over me again. And I told him thats why I did
what I did...He said he knows Im emotional. And he knows how I think. And I
know this is true. He told me he still loves me. I couldnt believe it.
He even told me that when he left.

I cant stop thinking about all of this. I cant stop crying. Feel like ugh....

I need to think so much.
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What an awesome weekend.

I seen micheal yesterday. Went to tiffs party on friday.
Smoked a bunch. Slept over at kims. 1130 at night racing with boys.
Going downtown. Smoking on the beach.

Today on lake michigan.
Fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.
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so this is how it went yesterday.

jesska and i were gonna go to homecoming.
jesska only ended up going.
me and mike went back to his house.
showered. jesska got picked up by johnny and bob
from homecoming at 8. me and mike picked
up them from tiffs like 830ish.
headed downtown. mad traffic. it was so fun.
we were talking to random people in the cars next to us.
like i told these 5 guys ill flash them for a dollar.
hahaha none of them had a dollar though. cheap asses.
and yeah. just crazy ass shit. we were driving around
aimlessly for hours downtown. it was fun.
too bad i only took like 1 picture. haha didnt have time for
more. mikes like "you are the funnies girlfriend ive
ever had". i was like awwww! haha he says our
relationship is "unique". hes so adorable. jesska and i had
to be home at 12. [lame]. so we dropped them all off
and me and mike went back to my house and fuckin watched
a retarded movie. hahah pumpkin. and he went home at
230. then i passed out.



it was a very cute one month anniversery.
im actually quite happy. :)
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